Custom tapestry presentation

Custom Tapestry



It is frequently difficult to find an original gift for loved ones that we know for a long time, and here you have a ready-made solution.

Creating a custom tapestry is an original and fun experience.


Imagine it: you now have the choice to transform any image in your possession into a unique custom photo tapestry in the world!

Whether it is a souvenir photo of a trip, a photo of family members, a unique moment, an artistic creation, an image of your favorite entertainment ... the possibilities are endless.

The custom-made tapestry is a hit as a unique gift!


Custom Tapestry,custom wall tapestry,custom tapestry printing

The texture of the canvas is soft and silky, resistant, easy to take care of or to fix ...

It can be used as tapestry and decoration canvas, but can also be used in many very original ways and you can invent others!

 Sofa top 🛋️

 Room separation 

 Advertising/presentation medium 


 Souvenir gifts

 Favorite picture

 Wall art/custom wall

Summer outfit 🥻


In fact, it's your favorite image that you can easily carry with you, use to snuggle up, and do not take up more space than one of your t-shirts!

And do not forget, you will not find it anywhere else since it was created especially for you.


Your loved ones will always be surprised by your gift, and their custom wall tapestry will be a gift that will accompany them on a daily basis.

Likewise, having a unique and printed advertising support solution can be a painful experience for your wallet ...

Do not think anymore, go for custom tapestries!


custom tapestry

With Mandala creating your advertising medium has never been so easy and accessible!

Increase the visibility of your shop, animate your associative stand with a cheap custom tapestry!


Here too the possibilities are numerous and limited only by your imagination:

- A presentation medium (large custom tapestries, outdoor...)
- A way to accompany business events like the end of the year celebrations
- Hanged in your vehicle, it's a guaranteed way to attract attention!

The visual experience is unparalleled, for an extremely small sum, so why hesitate to afford the support of your dreams in digital printing today?


Custom Tapestry,custom wall tapestry,custom tapestry printing

Do not hesitate, or if you still do, contact us to tell us about your project, we will be happy to assist you in your creative process.

From the acquisition of your image to the custom size tapestry printing, our team works and ensures the best possible realization of your project.

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With the option of image editing, we can even rework your image according to your wishes, and check with you the quality of the final print before printing!


If you have any difficulties hanging your tapestry, we have written a very helpful article, even if you want to hang it on the ceiling!

With Mandala, you can choose to avoid bad surprises, controlling the outcome of your creative project.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help your creation and imagination, and embroider your dreams to make them a reality!


 ☀️The Mandala Team ☀️