Wall tapestry essential cares

Wall tapestry essential cares

Now you have your tapestry wall hanging installed in your room...so what's next?

Here are a few tips that can allow you to enhance your tapestry experience by caring it like it deserves.

A good care of your wall tapestry can extend it lifetime and beauty.


The essential points are:


1 - Be careful about smell exposure

Hanging a tapestry near a kitchen or a very odorous room can be a tragic experience: the tapestry material will absorb the ambient smell and keep it!

Avoid exposing your tapestry in a room with a strong odor; the opposite tip is burning incense regularly or using essential oil diffuser to make your wall tapestry convert itself into a radiant and positive odoriferous experience.


2 - Take care of the dust

According to the place you hang your tapestry, it will be more or fewer attacks by the dust.

Polyester material can charge static electricity and magnet more easily the dust around than the cotton ones.

Regular vacuum cleaning is the best way to keep it free from dust. You need to decide that often it needs to be cleaned depending upon how much exposure it has to the world of dust.


3 - Sun exposure

If polyester wall tapestry with the new printing technologies is « sunproof », be careful to never hang a traditional Indian tapestry in the direct sun: after a few weeks of exposure, it can fade its colors away.

Observe how the direct sun is lighting your room all along the year to avoid bad surprises!


4 - Deeper Cleaning

After some month you would like to deep clean your tapestry; that's a very easy step with polyester tapestry: it's machine washable and dryable.

Little tips should be to put it inside a pouch for the machines, to avoid damage it during the process.

On another hand, deep cleaning a cotton mandala tapestry can be very delicate. Most of the time, you'll use hand cold washing to conserve the colors, without detergent. Hang dry in a shaded space is the more indicated. Always follow your mandala wall tapestry cleaning instructions, you'll find it on the shopping page.


Hope it will help you to conserve your wall tapestry piece of art, enjoy it longer and help you to consider where to buy tapestries: the specialist knows how to care about it!




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