9 Wall Tapestry creative uses

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9 Wall Tapestry creative uses

Wall Tapestries are an endless fountain of creativity, which uses are only limited by your imagination.

Let's open the treasure chest and rediscover our tapestries in some very different angles!


1 - Ceiling 3-dimensional space

This is a great idea for those wanting to create a unique ambiance in a space.  A tapestry hanging from your ceiling can add a wonderful scenic feature to your room, giving some love to the most forgotten element of your home... the ceilings! So why not hang a special ceiling tapestry for that?

wall tapestry ceiling


2 - An original Bedspread

Why not reconsidering your comforter investment to enjoy your tapestries as some original bedspread?

That's an incredible way to bring a unique touch to your bedroom, and so easy to put it on: just lay the tapestry on the cover, voila! For the Changement lovers who need to remodel their bedroom styling every week, this is the solution and at an affordable price.

Wall tapestry bedspread


3 - Tapestry as headboard

Let's stay in the bedroom a little bit more to look at your traditional and heavy bedspread on a wall tapestry angle! Like a headboard a tapestry as the same advantage as for the bedspread: originality, easy use, change, bringing uniqueness to your room!

wall tapestry headboard



4 – Wall tapestry as centerpiece

Use the 4 corners velcro technique to bow your ever-changing wall tapestry, and turn it into the wallpaper you always dreamed about: without daunting days of measurement and wallpaper glue!

Correctly bowed and ironed, a tapestry wall hanging can give you a very similar effect as wallpaper with very few efforts.

wall tapestry centerpiece



5 – Tapestry as your outside companion

Outdoor life is calling us almost half of the year, with its fresh air and healthy energy vibe, so convert your wall tapestry into a picnic blanket!

Easy to carry, soft and machine washable, you can bring it with you to lay on the beach, read in a park and...picnic!


6 - Wall tapestry as a gift wrap!

Have you ever received a gift in your life that came wrapped in a beautiful and original material that you could also use? Packing gifts in a usable item give the ability to personalize a gift, giving it a unique and personal touch with a touch of recycling. The use of original wall tapestries for gift wrapping can become your personal signature!


7 – Tapestry works as tablecloth

Did you ever notice the color ambiance, texture, and harmony of a meal table is very influential on your mood and the way you enjoy it? Giving your meal space the perfect style, tapestries can personalize and visually project a unique atmosphere in your kitchen. At least, some tablecloths can cost over $50 (?!), making a 20$ tapestry a very affordable alternative!

8 - Throw Blanket

A big tapestry, like a queen size, can easily cover a blanket softly, giving it a second life! It is alway adding a visual interest to your room and can convert more classical things into pieces of art. Here is your blanket throw to cover you and others in you cinema night!

9 - Light Diffuser

Filtering natural daylight with a tapestry is a handsome way of making dance sunlight inside a room, creating some kind of sweet living light atmosphere. Unlike a curtain, you can definitely use your tapestry wall hanging in a stained glass way, introducing in your room a sacred and relaxed feeling.

Like we said, wall tapestry uses are almost endless, so lets your imagination guide you, and convert your tapestry in your styling friend.


 Update : 

Here is the essence of the article turned into a Youtube Video!

Enjoy ;)

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