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The summer is here, and we all want to dress lightly to enjoy its sweetness. We have already seen how to use our favorite tapestry to picnic, but can we go further and use it to turn it into a summer outfit? The answer is: yes! These techniques work more with finely textured tapestry (like polyester) and work best with medium-sized tapestries close to 51,2x59 inches (130x150cm). With 100% cotton tapestries the knots will be a harder to make, and you could substitute them with small pins. So here are 3 powerful ways to use your wall tapestry as a...

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Waterproofed wall tapestry resists liquid infiltration, causing water to bead up instead of soaking in, its enhance the tapestry lifetime making it moisture resistant, and can be very useful in some parts of the world. For delicate cotton fabrics, waterproofing liquid is the best choice; denim, canvas and heavier cotton tapestries benefit from wax. Both options need occasional touch-ups to maintain water resistance. Spray-on Water Repellant: Spread out a canvas drop cloth on a flat surface outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Lay the tapestry on top and smooth out any wrinkles Shake a spray can or pump-spray bottle of liquid waterproofer...

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Wall Tapestries are an endless fountain of creativity, which uses are only limited by your imagination. Let's open the treasure chest and rediscover our tapestries in some very different angles!   1 - Ceiling 3-dimensional space This is a great idea for those wanting to create a unique home decor in a space.  A tapestry hanging from your ceiling can add a wonderful scenic feature to your room, giving some love to the most forgotten element of your home... the ceilings! So why not hang a special ceiling tapestry for that?   2 - An original Bedspread Why not reconsidering your comforter investment...

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Wall tapestry is an easy way to showcase your personal style. Let's investigate the efficient methods for hanging a tapestry without damaging the wall or the tapestry itself. Tapestries don't have a « unique and best way” to be hanged in your room. It will, of course, depend on the room materials, the space available, and tapestry type. If you want to specifically fix voting tapestry on your ceiling, go directly to our article "How to hang a tapestry from the ceiling". Here are the more common and effective ways to hang your tapestries and the answer to the big question: How to hang a tapestry without nails?   1. Nails, push pins...

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