How to hang a tapestry (4 powerful ways)

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How to hang a tapestry (4 powerful ways)

Wall tapestry is an easy way to showcase your personal style.

Let's investigate the efficient methods for hanging a tapestry without damaging the wall or the tapestry itself.

Tapestries don't have a « unique and best way” to be hanged in your room.

It will, of course, depend on the room materials, the space available, and tapestry type.

If you want to specifically fix voting tapestry on your ceiling, go directly to our article "How to hang a tapestry from the ceiling".

Here are the more common and effective ways to hang your tapestries and the answer to the big question: How to hang a tapestry without nails?


1. Nails, push pins or thumbtacks

Nail your tapestry directly to the wall if the tapestry is light enough, con nails or even push pins or thumbtacks.

This is quite efficient to bow it easily but will let little holes in the borders if the nails can't be put between the wefts. That's why it can be a good technique for bohemian mandala tapestry, made with tightly woven cotton. Avoid it the more you can with polyester wall hangings, except if you use them to pin tapestry clips.

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How to hang a tapestry without nails

2. Velcro

A great method for those wanting to avoid putting any holes in their tapestry, and working well with light tapestries (polyester style).

This is probably the best way to hang a tapestry without nails with magnets.

Be careful: hanging a wall tapestry without sufficient support in the center make the curtain bows or eventually collapses.

That's why for heavier wall tapestry, adhere the rougher Velcro strip side to a strip of wood on the wall, and the opposite velcro piece to the top of your tapestry's backside, and then connect it!

You can as well use Velcro square pairs or Velcro coin pairs, with glue on both sides, ready to use and easier to apply.

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3. Mounting on Plywood Board / Foam Core Mounting

This is a good method for both heavier and thinner tapestries, you can stretch and staple the tapestry over a plywood board.

In this method, The edges of your tapestry will be flipped to the back of the plywood board and stapled down.  
Foam core mounting is a very similar process to mounting your tapestry onto plywood board:

Cover your foam board with heavy weight linen fabric and staple it down (tightly) onto the back of the foam board around the perimeter. Then sew your tapestry to the fabric with a curved needle.


4. Magnet fixation

Probably the most practical method, especially if you like to change decor regularly, or if you have several tapestries that you want to interchange.

You will need a metal base, or use a magnetic strip base as a support.

The magnetic tape is very easy to stick, possessing a sticky tape on its back.

After installing it, you will need 4 powerful magnets (take a look at our original magnet collection) to fix it. Voilà!

They can be exchanged very easily at will, that's why they're so practical.

wall tapestry magnets


We hope you found the best way to hang your tapestry and discover new ones.

And please, share with us, what is your best way to hang tapestry?


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