How to hang effectively a round tapestry (on your walls)

How to hang effectively a round tapestry (on your walls)

We have already shared the basic techniques to hang your tapestries, then the more specific one of the ceiling tapestries.

Here is a unique article to correctly fix your round tapestries on your walls.


The main difference is evidently the result of the round shape of the tapestry, which does not include any angle.

So here is the procedure to fix your round tapestry as best as possible.

It works very well with both velcro or magnets.

We will avoid the use of pins that can damage and deform your tapestry.


Material: (you can use velcro or magnets):

  • With velcro: Velcro strip of 39.3 inches (1 meter)
    or 8 double-sided velcro patches
  • With Magnets: Magnet base strip 39.3 inches (1 meter) + 8 small strong discrete neodymium magnets
  • ruler & pencil
  • wire (the length of the radius of your tapestry)

 The technique will be to stretch the tapestry on opposite angles in order to avoid wrinkles or fall.


Here are the 4 steps technique velcro/ magnet:


Step 1:

First, you will need to trace the hang points on your wall.

For this measure the radius of your round tapestry, then transfer this length to your wire.

Place the center point of the area where you want to fix your tapestry (use a finger or a pin) then draw the eight fixing points as on the sheets with your string and pencil:


 hang tapestry

Step 2:


If you use velcro, place the same dots on the back of your tapestry.


Useless if you use magnets.

Step 3:


Place on the points drawn on your wall the base Velcro (if you use a band, cut it in 8 parts).


Place 8 pieces of the basic magnetic tape on the points drawn on your wall.

Step 4:


Place the eight pieces of hang-up velcro on the points marked on the back of your tapestry. Fix it in the points order.

how to hang a round tapestry


Attach the eight small powerful neodymium magnets one by one in the order of the points of the first plane.


Here it is! 

Your beautiful Round Tapestry is perfectly attached to your wall, without folds, and can be peeled off and replaced at any time!

hang rond tapestry

Enjoy your experience, and find more original tips about wall tapestries on our Blog.


Here is the Video of the article:




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