3 ways to use your Wall Tapestry as a summer outfit

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3 ways to use your Wall Tapestry as a summer outfit

The summer is here, and we all want to dress lightly to enjoy its sweetness.

We have already seen how to use our favorite tapestry to picnic, but can we go further and use it to turn it into a summer outfit? The answer is: yes!

These techniques work more with finely textured tapestry (like polyester) and work best with medium-sized tapestries close to 51,2x59 inches (130x150cm).

With 100% cotton tapestries the knots will be a harder to make, and you could substitute them with small pins.


1 - Basic:

Wrap your body with your wall tapestry, a little knot at the join ... and it 's won!

2 - The Drape:

Wrap your body back with your wall tapestry, then tie the two ends behind your neck. (You can also twist the ends a little before tying them for a better visual effect). Voilà!

3 - The Combi-short:

It is the most complicated of the series, but with a little training, the result is superb.

Wrap your waist with your wall tapestry and make a knot under your navel.

Then pass your tapestry between your thighs from back to front, then up again to pass it under the node made previously.

Adapt it to your bust and then finish the outfit closing it with a knot in your back.

You're ready!






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